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What is Glamstein?


Glamstein is a live house/event space located in Tokyo's Shinjuku area, particularly in the Shinjuku (Okubo) district, that recently has been gaining attention even from foreign tourists.


Though it may be a bit old-fashioned, it is filled with many heartfelt sentiments. Even for those visiting a live house for the first time, they can feel at ease here, and we strive for it to be remembered as a place where they say, "This live house became a memorable page in my life.

169-0072 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Okubo,

2-chome−6−10 Shinjuku Daini Alps Mansion B1

About the Hall


Width: 6.5m, depth: 3m, height: 14cm (around 35 people can stand). There are 4 separate 1m x 1m extensions serving as sub-stages. These can be used as runways, walkways, platforms, or sub-stages.

Audience seating area: Approximately 75m²

Green rooms (dressing rooms): Approximately 10.8m² (about 4.77m x 2.27m) with the option to expand up to approximately 50m² (capable of seating around 12 to 30 people).


*The minimum width of the equipment entrance (front entrance) is 62cm.

*The model number of rental equipment may change due to last-minute breakdowns. Thank you for your understanding.

◎Main speaker JBL STX825

◎Monitor speaker Electro-Voice SX-300, YAMAHA SM12V

◎Mixing console Allen&Heath SQ-5


■Free rental equipment

◎Vocal wired microphone: SHURE SM58×6

◎Mic stand: boom x 6, straight x 1

◎Guitar amplifier: Roland JC120

◎Guitar amplifier: Marshall DSL40

◎Bass amp head: Ampeg Micro-VR Head 200w

◎Bass amplifier cabinet: HARTKE AK410

◎Music stand x 6

◎Keyboard stand: HERCULES KS120B + KST301 (2 stages with adjuster) + 1 other U-shaped

◎DJ booth: 51cm x 152cm x height 95cm


■Paid rental equipment

◎Vocal wireless microphone x 8 (handheld. At least 5 can be used at the same time)

◎Live streaming equipment

Video camera: ZOOM Q2n-4K x 4-5 units
Video Switcher: Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro

◎Drum set: SONOR ESF11ST (BD20×17.5/FT14×14/TT12×9,10×8

GRETSSH Renown MAPLE (SD14×5.5)

◎Grand piano: YAMAHA C-3 (can be removed outside the stage when not in use) Size: 1.9m x 1.5m

◎Electronic piano: Roland FP-7

◎Projector x 2, screen (100 inch) x 1

◎DJ mixer: Vestax PMC-280


◎PC stand: ODDESEY green

◎Temporary stage: 1m x 1m x height 23cm (4 units)

Usage Notices:

● There is no elevator available, and customers using wheelchairs will need to enter from the front entrance staircase.
(The minimum width of the entrance is 62cm.)

● Please bring a photo ID as we may conduct ID checks.
Valid forms of ID include:
Driver's license, passport, student ID, employee ID, credit card with photo, taspo, residence card, etc.

● Entry for minors (under 18 years old, except when accompanied by a guardian) after 23:00 is not permitted.
Based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths, Article 15-4.

● Consumption of alcohol and smoking, as well as other illegal activities, by minors (under 20 years old) are strictly prohibited.

● Re-entry during performances is generally not allowed. If necessary, please approach the reception desk.

Past Usage Examples:

Dance, musicals, acapella, acoustic performances, solo performances, vocal events, idol performances, birthday/celebration events, music school recitals, anime song events, Vocaloid events, Nico Nico Live (Nico Nico Douga) events, YouTuber live performances, online streaming events (with LAN & WiFi), traditional Japanese instruments (koto, shamisen, taiko), talk shows, fan meetings, meetups, fashion shows, belly dancing, pole dancing, tap dancing, theater productions, comedy shows, DJ events, chanson, jazz, classical music, big band performances, wedding receptions, program recordings, still photography, music video shootings, private parties, university club events, visits from overseas (Korea, USA)

Usage Fees:

■ Hall Rental (Exclusive Use)
Monday to Thursday: ¥8,500 to ¥15,000 per hour (tax included),
Other days: ¥10,000 to ¥20,000 per hour (tax included)
*Immediate estimates available upon request.
*Staff (audio, lighting, drinks) personnel expenses & basic equipment costs included
*One-drink minimum purchase required

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